Zamir grew up spending time on sets and editing rooms when his father worked as a director of photography/director. That is when his passion for telling stories through images was deeply rooted and developed.

After studying filmmaking and cinematography at the National University of Film and Theatre in Bucharest, Romania, Zamir won the prestigious Fulbright scholarship to pursue the graduate studies at Chapman University, Orange, California. He earned an MFA in Film Production, Cinematography and was mentored by the great educator and cinematographer, Bill Dill, ASC.

Zamir started shooting when he was fifteen. Since then he has worked on feature films, documentaries, TV shows and commercials with many credits on both film and digital formats. His movies have participated in festivals in Europe and United States during the last years as well as broadcasted in several T.V stations.

Zamir, also teaches cinematography at the National University of Arts as associate professor in Tirana, Albania.

Having had the possibility to live in many different countries and work with talented filmmakers Zamir believes that film is an international language which can be understood and influence people of any nationality. Telling a story through subtle, powerful visual language, staying true to it, reading beyond the lines and influencing the human soul are the guiding priorities in his approach to cinematography regardless of the format, be it film or digital.